Set minimum and maximum order quantities for your WooCommerce store products.

Flexible Quantity Rules

One of the cornerstones of a successful e-commerce strategy is having the power to define quantity restrictions. With our extension, you can effortlessly set minimum and maximum order quantities for every product in your catalog.

Whether you’re promoting a high-demand item for bulk purchases or spotlighting an exclusive, limited-availability product, the tool ensures that both simple and variable items are covered. It’s about granting you the autonomy to decide how products move in your store.

Variable Product Support

Different product variations cater to different consumer needs. Recognizing this, our tool allows store owners to configure individual min/max settings for each variation.

And in situations where a variation-specific rule might be absent? The system intelligently defaults to the parent product’s parameters. This ensures every variation is accounted for, providing a nuanced approach to inventory management.

Cart Restrictions

Beyond individual products, the overall cart dynamics play a crucial role in shaping a customer’s shopping experience. With our cart content restrictions, you have the choice to define min/max total cart quantity restrictions.

Whether your strategy leans towards enticing users into bulk buys during a seasonal promotion, or it’s about managing resources during peak demand, this feature ensures your cart always aligns with your business vision.


Enhance user interactions with our intuitive quantity selectors on both the product detail and cart pages. Customers can only select within the allowed product quantities, eliminating any guesswork.

The result? A smoother, hassle-free selection process that directly aligns with your store’s inventory rules.


Avoid customer disappointments and streamline the shopping process. With our stock-based quantity selector, customers will only choose up to what’s immediately available.

This feature not only optimizes the shopping experience but also ensures that customers always know what they can and cannot add to their cart.


Maintain consistency and control across your entire product range with our global product rules. Instead of setting min/max rules for each individual product, let our extension do the heavy lifting.

When a specific product rule isn’t present, the system defaults to these universal settings, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for your customers.


The checkout process is where the commitment happens. To make this final step a seamless experience for your customers, our extension diligently verifies cart contents against the rules you’ve set.

By preemptively catching and flagging potential oversights, we ensure that each checkout is smooth, leading to satisfied customers and reduced cart abandonment.


Communication is key in e-commerce. By providing immediate, clear, and on-page notices, customers are kept in the loop when a minimal requirement potentially is larger than the stock allows.

These notifications are more than just alerts; they’re designed to be an integral part of the user’s shopping journey, eliminating uncertainties and reinforcing trust.

Streamlined Admin Interface

The behind-the-scenes mechanics of an online store should be intuitive and efficient. Our extension integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, offering a clean, user-friendly interface.

Clearly demarcated areas differentiate between product-specific settings and overarching global rules. This level of clarity ensures faster decision-making and reduces the room for error.

How will you use it?

With the WizEvolve Min Max Quantity Extension for your WooCommerce store, you’re ensuring clarity, efficiency, and a top-tier shopping experience for your customers. Each feature is designed to eliminate potential hiccups, allowing your store to run smoothly and your customers to shop with confidence.